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I think it looks and feels better than a fake wood product like Trex. We all get to make our own choices.

Don't Buy Replacement Windows For Your Old House

Trex has had a ton of warranty issues over the years. This site is loaded with opinions but very few from legitimate owners of Renewal. I had their sales team out. They are super expensive but a very well made window. I called over 20 people that the salesman gave me for reference. They loved their windows, had no problems, but hated the price. I went out and looked at the installation of three homes and the work was excellent. I think the problem most people have is the sales process.

Since the comments seem to be similar and seem to come from all over the country I would assume they train salespeople to operate that way. I just had a renewal by anderson guy in my home!

We got some outrageous numbers on replacing our windows. He said they have a 20 year warranty and that they are installed by Anderson. We just bought a house on long island.

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Some of the windows are original, but most were replaced between The draft in the house is significant, and with all the project we have to do I am getting a little overwhelmed. Any advise on the type of windows we should be looking at in the northeast??

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I grew up on the Island — moved to NJ and work with a exterior renovation Company for the past 29 years. We sell windows doors roofing and siding. Okna vinyl replacement windows will be your best bet. If you find anyone great please submit their info in our best replacement window companies section.

Pretty amusing. Love them.

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Ran across your site which seems to be run by them by coincidence. And they are correct. So when my vinyl windows leaked under the sill and my wall was soggy and insulation started to smell who was there to help. No one. Meanwhile Andersen has been around more than 50 years and they did fix my old casement in my bathroom it was wood so it got rotten from being wet 20 years after it was installed For a fee. As it was way beyond any reasonable warranty.

Btw my Gorell windows had your so called lifetime warranty and it was worthless. Just saying. Just like I just did. Gorell 0 stars Andersen 5. Glad to hear you had a great experience with your windows. I thought the same thing when I first looked at your site and sall all the references to A. Gotcha, we have struggled with the best way to help people find great companies. We get many requests each and every day for recommendations in one town or another.

Renewal by Andersen Window Reviews - Get the real info

When they offered discounts and promos for our readers I really thought it made sense…and I still do. Hope that helps explain things! I do realize this post is old but HAVE to comment. Just saying, you sound like an Anderson rep….. I bought Vinyl Windows from a salesman selling Anderson about 8 years ago. I am very disappointed to hear their commercial talking about how they have dumpsters filled with junk windows made of Vinyl.

Hate Your Job? Here's What It's Costing You

I do need new windows but I will not deal with a company that will actually tell you a product they sold you was junk. I really do not want to buy junk again.

I am looking at real wood. Real windows for the same money or less. Also I was told they have a limited 20 year warranty, yet their commercial tells you at 8 years your windows need to be replaced. Which way is it? Cannot have it both ways. Anyone other company 10… Anderson Thank you Barry. Hi Clara, what did you find? Vinyl windows will work just fine in CO. There are many thousands installed every month. We are replacing screens on a porch with windows. What would be a comparable window? Funny, for some one who is down playing the use of talking about a competing product you just spent an entire page bashing Anderson.

Hi Kyle, thanks for writing.

I do think Renewal windows are pretty. For example you can get a lifetime warranty on frames with Jeld-Wen wood windows and then you have real wood instead of simulated wood. Did you see the comment from Steve in Syracuse recently? Why should I go with your 10 year warranty over their lifetime warranty?

Tried to post picture of 2 pages but not allowed. Note on page 1. Also not on page 4 the very clear reasons they will not honor the warranty. Variance in color or texture of natural wood parts, and natural tarnishing of copper cladding are not considered defects. And many other ways out due to weathering and improper installation. Hi all, 22 years of installing windows, tech measuring windows, managing install crews, and now selling windows. Let face it, most sales reps are just that sales people. They probably have sold cars, or insurance or toilets. They are just trained to sell.

Most folks who have a good experience dont run to the computer to review. The negative experiences are very quick to voice displeasure.