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If you have marketing expertise, this could be an industry worth exploring.

Starting a Dog Breeding Business from Home

There are over professional Pooper Scooper companies in the US alone. Just my two cents worth. I guess it depends on your point-of-view, Tim. Yard Cleaner? Do you mean yard maintenance? Thats not unususal! Its not unusual around here. They are everywhere.

Pet Care - How to Start a Business Breeding Dogs - Bhola Shola

Its like Housekeepers. I found an organic treat maker. And more than just little treats, she creates little cakes for pets. I think that it is really creative. Now, her business has grown into a mini restaurant that caters to both pets and humans. Can you give me the info.

I am in the market to find a pet business to start and I love the treats, cakes etc. I saw your comment on this thread. I have a podcast called Hound Vibes and I interview several entrepreneurs and one of them has their own organic dog treat business.

How to become a dog walker

What a great article. There are so many new businesses starting today, but only a few unfortunately make it. I found an underdog that finally listens to pet owners need.

You wouldnt believe how many of them out here are into building data bases and profit :X I think its called Max and Kitty and another one pet sitters care. Some great ideas here but there are also some that are so overdone. There are so many pet collar businesses out there already — it would be hard to break into that market for example. But it would be amazing to have a business catered around the love of animals!

So what type of small business would I be filing for? And all the other online sell n buy apps I could find. I have a podcast called Hound Vibes on iTunes and I interview several entrepreneurs that have their own pet start ups including rescues. I would love to help connect you with one of them at no cost. Hello Senette, my comment is long time after this discussion, but are you active in this idea rescue dogs from China etc.?

Cause my heart is really bleeding because of what happens with them and I would love to help with this! I am from Europe Czech republic. I would love to get involved somehow.

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Please let me know a bit more about how this works and what you have been doing. Thanks so much! I may be interested in your business idea, Please tell me more.

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I am starting up another pet business and I am a huge advocate on the humane treatment of animals. I would love to get involved in this type of business. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Fur dying? You should seriously remove that from the article so stupid people do NOT do that to their pets. I see a lot of non-toxic pet dyes advertised.

Not sure where the dangerous comes in, if they are non-toxic. A little weird possibly, but dangerous? I see dogs in my neighborhood dyed green for St. If you could help with some advise would be wonderful not asking for money to prideful for that. I thank you for your time and God Bless! Sincerely, Frances. HI Frances Sorry about the loss of your baby.

You should really try doing a campaign on Gofundme. I can see a bunch of people giving to help you find the right rescue fit for you. It helps you and it helps a fur baby in need.

Good Luck. I have an idea for helping cats that have uti issues. I have a recipe that I have been testing out on my cat for the last 3 years and it works! Internet site. The advancements of the web have made starting an Internet-only pet business considerably easier and offers a great profit margin. In terms of costs, your biggest expenditures should be in design and search engine optimization, so consumers can actually find your products.

If you're specializing in raw, organic foods, you need to make sure you're one of the top search results when somebody types that into Google. Again, focus is key as opposed to being a larger, general retailer. So your main cost is tied to making your website stand out. Hybrid shop. Opening a physical location but also shipping products out of the back of your store, off an established Internet presence, can be quite profitable.

This will require extreme focus and you'll need to establish your credibility and specialization in one of the two spaces before you're profitable in both, but it can be a good way to capitalize on the Internet and traditional markets. Don't try to sell unique foods, offer grooming services, sell travel cases and dog sweaters, or more.

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Starting a Dog Breeding Business from Home | ProfitableVenture

Less is more here, as when you can establish that you do one thing well, you'll retain a loyal customer base that continues to come back. If you look at the expenses and the effort of expanding from a specialty shop with a core focus to a more broad approach, you're diluting your investment of time, money, inventory, marketing and more. And customers can see that.

That's when they get unhappy, and you start to lose business. You're about to be redirected We notice you're visiting us from a region where we have a local version of Inc. Today's Must Reads.

Starting a Dog Walking Business

Forgot Password? Enter your email to reset your password. Or sign up using:. New member? Sign up now. Sign in if you're already registered. How to Start a Pet Care Business. People really love their pets. Here's how to transfer the love for our furry friends into a profitable pet store business. He is an experienced writer, editor and marketer who has worked with and written about Fortune companies and small businesses, focusing on social media, emerging technologies, small business success, entrepreneurship, sports business and corporate policy.

Upscale Pet Products We've all seen Paris Hilton's indulgence on her dogs, and some industry analysts suggest that the celebrity dog culture has made premium pet products a booming industry. Brick-and-mortar shop Opening a physical location can be a smart decision once you do your market research, ensure that the pet owners in the area you're looking at are underserved and will fit the niche small business you're going to start, and cost is not extraordinary. Internet site The advancements of the web have made starting an Internet-only pet business considerably easier and offers a great profit margin.

Are you going to be able to finance your business venture on your own, or will you need investors or a bank loan? There is a big financial difference between converting a garage and a back yard to accommodate watching a few dogs and undertaking a sizeable doggie daycare operation with a commercial space and 5 employees.

Unusual Pet Business Ideas

Obviously the latter will be much more expensive to start and require a larger facility and much more equipment. Nothing will sink a growing business faster than a lack of working capital. Be sure to check back with Top Dog Tips for updated pet business information. It is wise to keep your prices low when you first begin your business.

If you start low, you can increase your prices when your reputation begins to grow. Your prices should be set slightly lower than the average prices in your area. When discussing how to start a dog daycare business it is imperative to mention the legal aspects of business ownership. The licensing requirements are different in every state and many cities have their own requirements as well.